Bulldozer in dark cave loading ore

Companies interested in recovering fair market value for assets that are surplus to their needs, frequently hire The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. to carry out Asset Equipment Appraisals. Our qualified staff have assisted financial institutions, mining, mine contractors, civil contractors and engineering companies throughout the World with on-site asset appraisals. With our knowledge of the surplus mining equipment market, which includes all manner of surface and underground mining, hoisting, crushing, grinding, mill processing, electrical and support related equipment, we are able to assign a range of values to all your assets, regardless of its age, type, make or model. If you have surplus equipment at your site, we can assist you in your asset recovery goals or provide professional reports to be used in refinancing, transfer of ownership, or the sale of this equipment.

Our qualified personnel will travel to your site to carry out a thorough inspection of your equipment or facilities. A comprehensive appraisal report is provided to all our clients reflecting the age, condition, marketability and range of values one can expect from the market place, and will include recommendations based on our knowledge of the international mining equipment market.