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Sandvik Tamrock Jumbo Drilling Rigs

August 13th 2019
The various Tamrock Drill Jumbo drilling rigs are useful assets for your mine. The Mackwood Group provides refurbished rigs as well as mining equipment appraisals for your own rig. Find out how we can help you with your Sandvik Drill Jumbo!Read More
The Benefits of Used and Refurbished Mining Equipment,

The Benefits of Used and Refurbished Mining Equip...

February 16th 2018
What are the benefits of buying used instead of new mining equipment? There are many great reasons. Let the Mackwood Mining Group, a worldwide provider of surplus mining equipment, tell you more!Read More
Underground Driver Safety,

Underground Driver Safety

July 8th 2015
The Mackwood Mining Group offers solutions to the safety of underground drivers and equipment.Read More
Haulage Trucks: The Underground Workhorse,

Haulage Trucks: The Underground Workhorse

June 4th 2015
Haulage trucks are indispensible underground. Let The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. explain why!Read More
The Challenge Of Underground Mining,

The Challenge Of Underground Mining

May 4th 2015
The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. explains the difficulties in working underground when it comes to mining and vehicles.Read More

Mackwood Lands Contract To Liquidate Plant Site

May 3rd 2014
The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. has been chosen by a large Mining Company to Liquidate and Sell their 200 to 300 TPD Mill Processing PlantRead More

Mining, Crushing, Grinding and Mill Processing Eq...

February 10th 2014
2014 is expected to be a big year for mining, crushing, grinding and mill processing equipment. There are some new projects being introduced throughout the World and The Mackwood Group is assisting to provide this equipment to these customers.Read More

Mackwood Sells Large Mine Equipment Package

January 22nd 2014
The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd., receives order for several underground mining equipment pieces.Read More