Haulage Trucks: The Underground Workhorse

June 4th 2015

The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. is a proud provider of haulage trucks and other vehicles that are required for underground mining. These vehicles represent years and years of human ingenuity and achievement. Haulage trucks in particular can have a very powerful impact on the cost per tonnage of your mining operation.

One of the major influences on how well a truck performs is its safety features and commitment to driver comfort and engagement. Long cargo trips and long hours can be a very costly combination for both equipment and personnel. Many of today's haulage trucks maximize safety features with an ability to keep a driver alert and on task. Intuitive but engaging controls allow a driver to focus on the task at hand without complicated systems and requirements. The longer and safer your truck and driver run, the better.

Many other factors related to equipment and its use alone can have a great impact on a mine's cost per ton and are easily modified to suit a situation. Trucks are often accompanied by loaders. Loaders that better match their respective truck's size will help speed up the material movement process. All vehicles should be built with a material that matches the requirement of the environment they work in. An improper material density choice could leave your trucks broken and needing repairs or too heavy to maximize fuel efficiency. Your fleet's payload size, cycle times and operator skill can have a very large effect as well.


All of these problems can be solved by The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. Let us help you!