Sandvik Tamrock Jumbo Drilling Rigs

August 13th 2019

The Mackwood Group of Companies has served the heavy machinery and mining industry for over 30 years; travelling the world to appraise mining company assets and equipment, assisting in the sales of surplus equipment and mine liquidations and selling high-end equipment such as the Sandvick Tamrock jumbo drilling rig. With strong ties to well-known mining companies, major heavy machinery companies and top financial institutions, Mackwood is a trustworthy name when you are looking to buy used heavy machinery or underground mining equipment. In fact, we offer the best used machinery in the market due to our successful surplus asset sales service. One exemplary piece of used equipment we currently have in stock is the Sandvik Tamrock Minimatic MHS-205L Underground 2 Boom Drilling Jumbo.

Our Sandvik Tamrock Minimatic MHS-205L Electric Hydraulic (Narrow Body) 2 Boom Drilling Jumbo is a refurbished product and is in immaculate condition. With only 35 hours on meter after refurbishing, this is a perfect machine for any company interested in an affordable alternative to the new Boom drilling rig. This is one of the most powerful machines among the underground mining equipment sold in Canada and the USA. It comes with a Deutz F6L-912W Diesel Engine and Clark powershifts transmission. The Dual Tamrock TA400 Boom Controls and 2 x Montabert HC-60 Hydraulic Drills gives it the ability to complete underground mining projects with ease.

About the Sandvik Tamrock Jumbo Drilling Rig

Sandvik and Tamrock have been trusted names in the drilling rigs and mining equipment manufacturing business for over 100 years. While Sandvik manufactures many types of drilling rigs, such as lightweight drilling rigs and multipurpose drilling rigs, Jumbo drilling rigs are essential for many mining and exploration companies.

Sandvik Tamrock jumbo drilling rigs are built upon the foundation of keeping the operator safe and offering better protection from hydraulic components. In addition, they offer large walkways and dedicated work platforms that allow for easier maintenance. With simpler mobility and improved visibility, jumbo drilling rigs are important for any mining and exploration companies that focus o

Sandvik Tamrock Drilling Rigs Capabilities

The jumbo drilling rigs come equipped with spring applied hydraulic released park/emergency brakes in addition with the Tamrock ak 70 –455 auto retracting cable reel which helps in the smooth working of the drill rig. The 45 kw, 70 amp electric motors with hydraulic shear pumps will help in cavern exploration and other mining projects.

The Benefit of Jumbo Drilling Rigs

Sandvik Tamrock jumbo drilling rigs boast many features which will assist in the completion of your mining and exploration projects with ease and precision. The drilling rig comes with exhaust purifier and muffler which help suppress the noise of the drill operation. Four hydraulic stabilizers are also installed in the rigs which assists with the smooth operation of the rig. On top of that, you will also find Stainless Steel Electrical Switchgear Enclosure in the drill rig which is a security features missing in many other modern jumbo drilling rigs.

Save Money with Mackwood

Cost is often a majour factors in determining the overall success of a project. Whether you are in the mining or the cavern excavation industry, you need to ensure that the project is completed within the budget. Buying new equipment for the project can be very costly in the long run and you will get extended features. However, if you want to minimize project cost, contact Mackwood to investigate your used drilling rig options.

Why Trust The Mackwood Group of Companies?

We are one of the most trusted names in the Liquidations and Surplus Asset Sales industry. We have ties to many leading mining and exploration companies and have been providing exceptional services for over 30 years. Please contact us to get more information!