The Challenge Of Underground Mining

May 4th 2015

The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd. is happy to provide many underground haulage trucks for all your underground mining needs. Underground mining is one of the most lucrative and powerful industries on the planet today. The rare metals that build our society and further our knowledge come from the very ground we walk on, although far far below where an everyday citizen treads. The human race has learned a lot about how to best get those materials out from underneath us, and it's no easy road.

Under our earth's crust is one of the most challenging environments that people and vehicles work in. The rigors of pushing through dust and stone without sunlight take their toll on man and machine and the right setup can not only improve your production, but the longevity of your entire operation.

Vehicles need maintenance at far higher rate when exposed to the rigors of working underground. Problems are harder to spot and harder to fix, especially on vehicles used entirely underground. The deep earth masks many warning signs that are taken for granted out in the sunlight. The problem of tracking vehicle movement becomes a very real one when the use of now normal GPS systems fail in the depths. A good vehicle strategy can make all the difference.

Tune in next month for how underground haulage trucks can make a positive impact on your cost per tonnage.