As a result of our daily analysis of the world's used mining equipment market, we are familiar with the ever changing conditions within the industry, what buyers are currently searching for and the values they are prepared to pay. If your company is faced with a mine closure, or like most companies you have surplus assets lying dormant upon your mine site, we are able to make an immediate impact on your Investment Recovery Program due to our ability to find buyers that are prepared to pay the values you are most intent on receiving. More to the point, Surplus Asset Sales and Complete Mine Liquidation Programs managed by The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd., offer our clients many advantages. Our Services are provided on a commission basis only and we earn no fees until sales are completed. We do at times retain the option of purchasing certain items but our primary interest is in helping our clients receive the maximum dollar value for the sale of their assets, and nothing leaves the property until it has been paid for. We use a large variety of means to promote sales, including the internet, fax, e-flyers, newspapers, magazines, trade organizations, and trade shows.


Mine Liquidations and Surplus Asset Sales is our primary business interest. In view of this, we have become experts in the promotion of mine related surplus inventory and recognized by the industry as a leader in our field. Over the past twenty years we have assembled the most comprehensive mailing/contacts list in the industry. Simply put, no one advertises as much, and as often as The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd.. These remarks are easily supported by the enormous flood of inquiries we receive daily from mines, dealers, engineering firms and contractors from around the world who are responding to our marketing campaigns. We promote our client's assets at every opportunity, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. It is no secret, that our success is attributed to a thorough knowledge of the market, world-wide contacts, aggressive advertising and a strong motivation to complete sales in order to be paid for our services.

If you have Surplus Equipment you would like to sell from your mine site, or you have a product or service you would like to promote to every mine, pit, quarry, engineering firm and contractor, that is affiliated with the World’s Mining Industry, we strongly recommend that you contact our office and ask about our Marketing Services. 

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