Underground Conventional Mining Equipment

Mucking Machines - Rail Mounted and Rubber Tire Models

Mucking Machines - Rail Mounted and Rubber Tire Models
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2 Only“WORK READY” Eimco 12-B Mucking Machines
- Track Mounted
- Air Powered
- Track gauge to be determined upon purchase
Inspections: Call for details
Units will have all necessary repairs completed, painted and serviced, ready to go to work


3 Only “WORK READY” Eimco 21B Mucking Machines

- Type: Rocker Shovel Loader

- Model: 21B

- 24” Track Gauge

- New Cables and Springs, as required

- New Hosing, as required

- New Bushings and Bearings, as required

- Good or Rebuilt Buckets

- Includes 1 x Spare Complete Lower Deck

Inspections: See details below.

Units have been put through the shop and repaired as necessary, ready to go back to work


2 Only“WORK READY” Atlas Copco LM56 Mucking Machines
- Currently on 30” Track Gauge (will change to 24” Gauge)
- Good Buckets
- Good Air Motors
- NEW Hosing, as Required
- Good Controls
Delivery: 2 - 3 weeks upon order and full payment
Inspections: Call for details
Units will have track gauge changed to 24”, serviced and made ready to go to work

5 Only “LIKE NEW” Atlas Copco CAVO 310 Underground Mucking LHD Machines

- Completely Rebuilt: 2013

- All Subcomponents Rebuilt, replaced, or reconditioned as required including;

- Rebuilt Air Motors with New Air Vanes

- NEW Hosing

- Rebuilt Gear Boxes

- Rebuilt Axles

- Rebuilt Controls

- Rebuilt Chain Drives

- Rebuilt Dump Cylinders

- NEW Seals

- Rebuilt Dump Boxes

- NEW Cavo Heavy Duty Buckets with Hardened Surfaces

- NEW Bucket Boom Stops

- NEW or Rebuilt Chain Drives

- NEW or Rebuilt Lubrication Systems

- Rebuilt Bucket Arms

- Rebuilt Bucket Linkages

- Inspected and Rebuilt, Axles with New Bearings, Seals, Attachment Points and Housings

- NEW Solid Tires

- Rebuilt Boxes, Fenders and Other Component

- Completely Cleaned, Sandblasted, Painted and Decaled

- Full Pressure Running Test of each Unit

Inspections: Call for details
Each unit completely rebuilt, ready to go to work