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SANDVIK Tamrock EJC-210 U/G 6 Cu. Yd. Loader

SANDVIK Tamrock EJC-210 U/G 6 Cu. Yd. Loader
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1 Only “Work Ready” Tamrock EJC-210 Underground 6 Cubic Yard Remote Controlled LHD Loader
- Deutz F10L-413FW Diesel Engine with 2155 Hours
- Exhaust Purifiers with Muffler
- Clark Model 4000 Series Powershift Transmission
- Clark Model 5000 Series Torque Converter
- Rockwell Model Heavy Duty No-Spin Axles
- Totally Enclosed Wet Multi-Disc (LCB) Service Brakes
- Electronically Controlled Spring Applied Hydraulic Released Park/Emergency Brakes
- 18:00 x 25, 28 Ply Slick L-5 Lug Heavy Duty Mine Tires
- Nautilus Model 24VDC, Series 140SSF RVU, Remote Control
- ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems
- Approved ROPS/FOPS Canopy
- Mono-Stick Steering & Controls
- Full Instrumentation
- 24 Volt Electric Start
- 6 Cubic Yard Buckets
Inspections: See details below
Unit was parked in very good running condition